Wednesday, 6 January 2016

This is not going in the right direction

If you want a "how to fuel a market bubble", please, have a look at China's actions on the stock market for the past few months...

As so, the second biggest economy in the world is getting a bigger and more threatening bubble waiting to burst - which should be a major cause of concern for everyone, me and you included.

Friday, 18 December 2015


I will never understand a world that beats up a doctor to prevent him from selling sunglasses in a train station. The same world that pushed that doctor away from home and into selling those glasses, fleeing from war, corruption, misery. The world is far from a Paretto efficiency, and it should be our responsibility to improve it, maximizing every single person's potential and recognizing they are human beings

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Is the European Left focusing on the right battle?

Over the past few years i have seen a striking silence over one of the biggest changes the world is seeing.

Over the past decade, the weight of Labour in countries' income has been shrinking considerably, while Capital has been gaining steady ground. And this under a complete silence from the educated european left (not Syriza and Podemos, but the socially educated left that is the backbone of Europe's social status and welfare state) that prefers to focus on Greece's debt (mainly caused by a poor economic management from the country at micro and macro-economical levels).

This is a global trend, let's be honest. The world global population still grows faster than global gdp, and this drives a Supply surplus on the economy, that tends to be compensated by Labour costs. Not even the fact we currently claim we are in a talent economy disguises it - that is true for a short number of professions (IT engineers are typically the best example) and countries (niches in south-east asia, africa...), but not for the whole population that fits in Labour extensive production networks).

But the silence that we all hear on this subject is deafining. Instead of renewing their approach to focus on salary gains indexed to productivity gains, we all tend to focus on less working hours, high pensions or fixed salaries - that are impossible to bear on the long term. And this puts in an extra weight on the global economy, that depends greatly on the economical power of the masses for Consumption.

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A great article about poverty

Monday, 7 December 2015

2014 CO2 evolution in EU

The European Union has managed to cut CO2 emissions by -5.4%, in which is a huge hope signal to the world in terms of climate changes limitation. But EU is not alone in the World, and if the USA speech is increasingly moving in the right direction, China and India's (that, together, comprise 37% of world's population) is not. The focus of these tow nations should not be to have a modernization plan whose energy side replicates the XIX and XX centuries ones from EU and the USA, it should be to enhance the existing and short-term coming technologies to speed development in a cleaner, more efficient way.

Friday, 27 November 2015

A footballer's view of Brussels

An amazing statement from Vincent Kompany, the captain of the Belgium Football National team - an incredibly straightforward and balanced view of what happened in Paris and Brussels, and why integration respecting cultural diversity is a fundamental value of democracy and development.

"The real wealth of a nation is diversity of cultures", as he quotes a subway graffitti. 

P.S- And, sometimes, there are still people who see these new star athletes and dumb people that were only naturally gifted to play a physical sport...

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

A balanced view on how to thwart ISIS

I never heard of Joe Parini before, but I must say I agree with this article in CNN -